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Time Limits in Florida for Your Personal Injury Claim

Time Limits in Florida ONLY

Pharmacy Errors 2 Years
Medical Malpractice 2 Years
Wrongful Death 2 Years
Car Accident 4 Years
Slip And Fall 4 Years
Dog Bite 4 Years
Motorcycle Crash 4 Years
Bicycle Crash 4 Years
Negligent Security 4 Years
Truck Crashes 4 Years
Dangerous Products 4 Years
Uninsured Motorist Insurance Claim 5 Years

There are many exceptions to these time limits for your personal injury claim. Some situations may be longer or shorter. This is not a complete list of the time limits. In Florida the Time limits for bringing any claim is set forth in Chapter 91 of the Florida Statutes. Every state has different time limits. The time limit may be affected by where the accident happened. If your problem arose in a different state, you may need to contact a lawyer in that state to protect your rights.

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